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Cast Iron Oven Dish

Cast Iron Oven Dish

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The Weltevree Cast Iron Oven Dish is more than a dish: it’s three dishes in one. It consists of two parts: a shallow dish and a deep dish and together they function as a casserole dish. The Cast Iron Oven Dish is completely made of enameled cast iron with a robust, matte look. Cast iron retains heat and is naturally non-stick. It’s suitable for a variety of cooking tasks, but is especially great for slow cooking.

  • Three oven dishes in one: deep dish, shallow dish and casserole dish (when combined)
  • Fits perfectly inside the Weltevree Outdooroven
  • The cast iron retains heat and is naturally non-stick: great for slow-cooking
  • Material: Enameled cast iron


      Length (cm) 29
      Width (cm) 20
      Height (cm) 14
      Weight (kg) 6.5

      Carefully selected and imported from the Dutch brand Weltevree - collaborators of i
      nnovative designs from established and emerging talents.

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